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06 November 2007 @ 07:12 pm
Small Fandom Haikuathon: Round 3: Prompt Collection Post  

November 6 - 11: collect prompts
November 11 - 21: posting haiku

How to submit:

Leave prompt/s in the comments here.

The prompts can be fandom, character, pairing, picture, quote, or scenario. Fit as many prompts as you can per comment, and prompt as much as you like.

DO NOT use any abbreviations for things—full fandom names and no squished pairing names.


Single prompt
Fandom, Character/s|Pairing, word/picture (URLs only, please)/quote/scenario

Multiple prompts
Fandom, Character/s|Pairing, word | word 2 | word + word | word + picture | quote

Example prompts:

Molly|Julian - hot coffee | in bed | afraid
Nigel|Lucas - glasses porn | examination | tangled up on the floor
Adams - any

Superman Returns:
Clark - overwhelmed by kittens
Clark|Richard - professing love | longing | http://pics.livejournal.com/trascendenza/pic/000gh85s

Deep Space Nine: Julian Bashir - alienation | gay rays | talking to Kukalaka
Superman/Batman: Clark/Bruce - fruit porn | cape kink
Painkiller Jane: Jane - “these boots are made for walkin’.”
Dead Like Me: Roxy, Ruby - dinosaur egg
The Fifth Element/Lexx: Xev/Leeloo - hissing
Primeval: Ensemble - dodo wrangling
The Merro Tree: any

You might notice pairings up above are listed with a | symbol instead the regular / slash. That’s because when prompts are collected, all of them will be listed that way; writers will have the choice to interpret the pairing as romantic or gen depending on their preference. Don’t worry about formatting your prompts perfectly, though; the universal find and replace feature is very easy to use. :)

Also, for comic fandoms/fandoms with large verses, you can just say “DCU” or “Marvel,” or you can be as specific as you want, down to the exact comic continuity. But for book and movie trilogies, I’m going to lump them all together so no need to specify which book or movie within the trilogy.

What counts as a small fandom?

Any fandom that isn’t large enough to host its own haikuathon here on LiveJournal, so the definition of “small” is very loose for the purposes of these fests. If in doubt, just go ahead and submit it, anyway—all these haiku are being bookmarked in the same place, anyway.

Other things to keep in mind:

- Using the prompts is 100% optional, so they are by no means required to write a certain character or pairing. Writers are more than welcome to write without prompts; these are just for folks who want to use them. Writers will be able to write for any small fandom they choose, whether it is prompted for or not.

- Writers are allowed (and encouraged!) to be creative with the haiku format; i.e., writing serial haiku, writing haiku dialogue, etc., so even if your prompt seems like it won’t fit into a single 5-7-5 format, you can still submit it.

- To see an example of how this will work, you can check out the last round.

- If you already have some ideas of fandoms/etc. you want to write, feel free to start now; you don’t have to wait. And if you’ve got some old small fandom haiku you wrote lying around, go ahead and dust it off—in addition to prompts being optional, any small fanhaiku, whether newly written or previously written will be welcome (unless it was posted in previous rounds). Just be sure to wait for the master post to comment with any haiku. This one is for prompt collection only.

- Any and all advertising is of course appreciated; if you’d be interested in helping out with that, feel free to drop a comment or contact trascendenza[at]livejournal[dot]com.
trascendenza: Brokeback Mountain - J/E - Goldentrascendenza on November 7th, 2007 04:02 am (UTC)
Pan's Labyrinth:
Ofelia - tears | dreams | steps of gold
Mercedes - hollow victories | remembrance | love
Faun - through the ages | life | loam

Wet Hot American Summer: Ben/McKinley - happily ever after | soccer balls | flowers in his hair | lake

Arthur/Sean - practical joke | asshole | doors | language!kink
Lucas/Nigel - as if | gun to my head | bravery
Molly/Julian - coffee | watching | help me | vigilante
Molly - decisions | save the world | strangehold

Invisible Man/Threshold:
Claire/Molly - dressed up | doggy date | fascinating research

Jake 2.0:
Diane/Fran - spectacles | labcoat | after-hours
Diane/Lou - softer side | heartless | not heartless
Lou/Jake - hoo-ah | pretty boy
Jake/Kyle - partners | not bad for a geek

Invisible Man (The):
Alex/Claire - refreshing | proper thank-you | on a run together
Bobby/Darien - you betcha | puh-leeze | teach you how to shoot
Eberts - the smell of toner in the morning | collation | pet turtle

Brokeback Mountain:
Ennis/Jack - could have been | crumpled | heartshot

Helena/Anti-Helena - snobby brat | yours, mine, ours | are you real?
Queen of Lights/Queen of Shadows - rather silly | lovely
and every breath we drew was hallelujah.theswearingkind on November 7th, 2007 05:00 am (UTC)
As The World Turns
Luke/Noah: first, last, and only | jealousy | and i could walk five hundred miles | a family affair

saavikam77: Clark Jimmy Photosaavikam77 on November 7th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
Superman Returns:
Clark - sunrise | barn | cape | boots | wings
Clark|Lois - lunch | coffee | late night | parents | reconnection
Clark|Jimmy - excited | disaster | bonding time
Richard - stepping aside | the ex | daddy

Superman Returns/Batman Begins:
Clark|Bruce - fight | holding on | coming home | identity porn | mistaken identity

Superman Returns/Heroes:
Clark|Peter - heroes | sacrifice | drunk | flight | contest
Clark|Mohinder - science geeks | comparing notes
Clark|Sylar - mine | envy you | stripped

Superman Returns/Batman Begins/Heroes:
Clark|Bruce|Peter - heroes | team | adrenaline
Clark|Bruce|Mohinder - research | unexpected | conspiracy | the Company
Sophinisba Solis: neilsophinisba on November 7th, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)
Pan's Labyrinth:
Mercedes - Ni siquiera sabrá tu nombre (He won't even know your name)
Princess Moanna - bloodstains

The Illusionist: young!Sophie|young!Eisenheim - into the air

Everything Is Illuminated
Lista - in case | flower season
Jonathan|Alex - royalties | getting carnal

Mysterious Skin: Neil|Wendy - letters

Mysterious Skin/X-Files: Brian|Mulder - testimony | merchandise

Harold and Kumar: Harold|Kumar - still not satisfied | rounds | interview room

Bloody Jack Flint: Ennis: Called Your Bluffrhye on November 7th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
Dure/Edouard - rescue | pardon | confession | prayer | children | wine | death
Dure - forsaken | burning
Dure/Alpha - discover

Brokeback Mountain
Jack/Ennis - grain | it's all been done | ghost | bucket | scarlet | tide | animal | smash | still can't | we trusted
Alma/Ennis - don't believe | Christmas | to live is to die | lovesick
Ennis - iron | forest | grass | moss

Zelda: power | eyes | three | clean air | night
Gravitation: Yuki/Shuichi- the right chord | under an umbrella together | now that we're older
The Darjeeling Limited:- almost | sweet lime | poison | mother dearest | feather's friends | quiet | fight | theme song | medicate | curve in the road | the girlfriend | a single feather
trascendenza: Deep Space Nine - Jadzia/Lenaratrascendenza on November 7th, 2007 11:41 am (UTC)
Chuck|Morgan - sleepovers | hanging out windows | fullbody hug

Fifth Element (The)
Leeloo - language | growing | new body
Leeloo|Plavalaguna - sing | better days | rescue

Hunter|Selene - full moon | knife's edge | ethereal | feral

Hunter|Serpentine - contrasts | fealty | always welcome
Marquis|Richard - rather bothersome | very cold | coming?

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Harry|Perry - tiny gun | very funny | how the story ends

Callisto|Storm - soar | challenge
Psylocke|Storm - drenched | learning control
Psylocke|Rogue - red and purple | flying

Fantastic Four/X-Men
Alicia|Mystique - familiar road | seeing more | mystery woman

Fantastic Four
Alicia|Sue - wedding dress | friendship
Johnny|Norrin - burn bright | fall | who are you? | silvered skin

Penny|Tracy - big girl now | shake it | pigtails
Dynamites - working together | playing together
Link|Seaweed - impressed | dancing lessons
Maybelle|Corny - stand-up guy | old fashioned | changes are a-comin'

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Jadzia|Lenara - newness | happily ever after | no goodbyes
Nerys|Ziyal - cultures colliding | acceptance | painting on skin
Julian|Miles - grouch | epic battles | not-hating is almost love
eun youngdogseesgod on November 8th, 2007 07:56 pm (UTC)
Dead Like Me: the word "fuck"

Pushing Daisies: Ned/Chuck - space | touch
Sophinisba Solis: kaylee shiny by secret_nazgulsophinisba on November 12th, 2007 06:14 am (UTC)
Pushing Daisies
Emerson - sap | paying the bills | double-pointed needles
Emerson|Olive - grumble | special order | pity
Lily|Vivian - synchronicity | joint custody | phobia | sex addiction
Chuck|Olive - old-fashioned | smile | "Different like purple and mauve"
Ned - strawberry | experiment | seconds

Edited at 2007-11-12 07:05 am (UTC)