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06 November 2007 @ 07:25 pm
Heroes Haikuathon: Round 1: Prompt Collection Post  

November 6 - 11: collect prompts
November 11 - 21: posting haiku

How to submit:

Leave prompt/s in the comments here.

The prompts can be character, pairing, picture, quote, or scenario. Fit as many prompts as you can per comment, and prompt as much as you like.

DO NOT use any abbreviations: no squished pairing names.


Single prompt
Character/s|Pairing - word/picture (URLs only, please)/quote/scenario

Multiple prompts
Character/s|Pairing - word | word 2 | word + word | word + picture | quote

Example prompts:

Claire - growing up | searching | different
Heidi|Nathan - nothing to be ashamed of | early days | secrets
Maya - journeys | curses | on my own | http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y6/sheerabean/Icons/Heroes/trans_graphical_heroes20f_mayatext.png
Matt|Mohinder|Molly - just another day | birthday cake | heroes
Peter|Nathan - brotherhood | soaring | once was lost
future!Claire|Niki - safety | aged | stranded
Mr. Muggles - any

Adrian|Milo - doesn't have to know | turning thirty | that guy
Ali|Tawny - don't go | zip me up?

Example crossover prompts:

Heroes/X-Men: Monica|Rogue - pretty | neat power
Heroes/Underworld: Selene|Caitlin - on the prowl

You might notice pairings up above are listed with a | symbol instead the regular / slash. That’s because when prompts are collected, all of them will be listed that way; writers will have the choice to interpret the pairing as romantic or gen depending on their preference. Don’t worry about getting the format perfect, though; the universal find and replace function is very easy to use. :)

Things to keep in mind:

- Regarding spoilers: We will not be able to separate out prompts which are spoilery for Season 2, so tread through these posts at your own risk. We do ask that you do not leave prompts which will spoil any episode past 2x07. And since 2x08 and 2x09 will be airing as the haikuathon’s happening, we will ask that people clearly label any haiku that spoil for those two episode.

- Prompts will be 100% optional, so they are by no means required to write a certain character or pairing. Writers are more than welcome to write without prompts; these are just for folks who want to use them.

- Writers are allowed (and encouraged!) to be creative with the haiku format; i.e., writing serial haiku, writing haiku dialogue, etc., so even if your prompt seems like it won’t fit into a single 5-7-5 format, you can still submit it.

- To see an example of how this will work, you can check out the last round.

- If you already have some ideas you want to write, feel free to start now; you don’t have to wait. And if you’ve written other Heroes haiku in the past, go ahead and dust it off—in addition to prompts being optional, any Heroes fanhaiku, whether newly written or previously written will be welcome. But be sure to wait for the master post to comment with any haiku. This one is for prompt collection only.
Sophinisba Solissophinisba on November 7th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
I have never done fanhaiku before (as far as I can remember)! I'm very excited!